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blacquiao is an artist based in Oakland, California.

blacquiao is an illustrator creating original comic books and design projects. He also creates watercolor paintings ranging from vividly saturated pieces to drearily dark faded pieces, depicting the liveliness, or lack therof, of the world through his daily lens. He also combines objects, print, cloth and other mixed media artistic effects as his honest expression to convey the view of his own world. He is known for his illustration and production work on the original comic book 'Sunless: The Myth of the Eternal Flower' and cover art for the Cyberpunk novel 'Glitch Logs'.

 He is a current collaborator with the art collective, Grow Canvas Grow, creating art and various designs for screen print apparel, art prints, stickers, buttons and other fun products. All of which you can find at local conventions and online


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Help blacquiao continue to create and pursue his artistic passions, his love for art and design . Become a part of blacquiao's vision and artistic growth. Let's create and produce meaningful artwork! Blacquiao creates every piece, dedicates himself to every project, with the goal of inspiring artists of all backgrounds, as well as sparking ideas of your own! Your contributions will help provide the foundation to continue to be able to create and develop unique projects and creative content, though dedicated hard work, in a world that we could only hope would expand the Bay Area art scene!! Each person who donates will receive a free sketch + print + more! Each donation will also ensure we provide an incredible experience at our conventions when we are on tour. We appreciate all of your support, whether its a donation, a Like, a follow, a Share, or even word of mouth to the imaginative mind beside you! We are grateful for your support for blacquiao's dedication to the explosive bay area artist scene!!! Thank you. 

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